Tobacco, a threat to development — SM Mohamed Idris

MAY 30 — The World No Tobacco Day, which will be celebrated on May 31, has Tobacco — A threat to development and it is timely because tobacco use has posed as a scourge on the development...

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Practical approach needed to improve drug access — Philip Stevens

MAY 30 — The cost of medicines is on the agenda this week at the World Health Organisation’s annual policy meeting, the World Health Assembly, in Geneva. NGOs and certain middle-income...

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Peacekeeping is cost effective, but must adapt to new reality — Antonio Guterres

MAY 30 — When I entered the United Nations Secretariat building for the first time as Secretary-General in January, my first act was to lay a wreath honouring more than 3,500 United Nations...

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Response to SEDIC on Malaysian Indian Blueprint — Charles Santiago and Xavier Jayakumar

MAY 29 — If the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) or SEDIC think their response to our constructive criticism of the Malaysian Indian Blueprint (MIB) is a “gotcha moment”, they are...

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Is forgiveness a virtue? — Aaron Donchin

MAY 29 — When someone wrongs you, what are you willing to forgive? Can you forgive theft, betrayal or even murder? A few months ago, Thordis Elva from Iceland and Australian Tom Stranger...

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