Revoke the ban on Beer Festival ― Charles Santiago

SEPTEMBER 19 ― Making arbitrary, spur of the moment decisions seem to be the norm for the Malaysian government. And just as ambiguous is the Kuala Lumpur City Council's (DBKL) recent nixing...

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How to get all parties on board the e-payment drive? ― Tan Weizhen

SEPTEMBER 19 ― Singapore’s push towards cashless payments has been dominating headlines in recent weeks, particularly after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally where he...

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Answering the critics of G25 — G25

SEPTEMBER 18 — G25 has often been labelled as liberal by its critics, using a word which is becoming a derogatory term in Malaysia to describe Muslims who believe in universal values of...

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Preparing to live sustainably alongside increasing natural risks — Shamshad Akhtar

SEPTEMBER 18 — The past few weeks have been a grim reminder that natural disasters know no borders. They can strike countries at opposite ends of the globe simultaneously and whether in...

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Malaysia’s foreign policy is clear and consistent — Anifah Aman

SEPT 17 — I refer to the comment article written by Rais Hussin, a Supreme Council Member of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM), who also heads the Policy and Strategy Bureau of PPBM,...

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