Equal treatment for all — Sin Chew Daily

JULY 24 — During a Hari Raya dinner with the Federation of Malaysian Indian Muslims, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said he recognised Indian Muslims in the country as...

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Cyber security needs a nuanced approach ― Hawyee Auyong and Shawn Teoh

JULY 22 ― With the recent spate of cyber attacks, cyber security has suddenly become the cause celebre of the world. Ransomware attacks such as WannaCry, which temporarily affected...

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Commercial banks are providing financing to eligible house buyers — ABM

JULY 21 — This is with reference to recent media reports on calls to relax the criteria for potential buyers of affordable housing. The Association of Banks Malaysia (ABM) would like to...

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Clarence Thomas vs Jeff Sessions on US civil asset forfeiture — Damon Root

JULY 21 — Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced this week that the Justice Department will increase the use of civil asset forfeiture, the practice that allows law enforcement officials to...

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Bumiputera status: To be or not to be — S. Murugesan

JULY 21 — My initial reaction when I read the news report on PM’s remark that the government will study in depth the request from the Indian Muslim Community to be recognised as Bumiputera...

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