Unity in Malaysia is not formed simply by putting our children under the same roof — Kerk Chee Yee

FEBRUARY 24 — Arguments for and against vernacular schools have long existed in Malaysia. Many arguments often converge back to and revolve around social unity in Malaysia. One easy argument...

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Why the Chinese hate MCA and BN — Sebastian Loh

FEBRUARY 23 — Poor MCA. The party’s leaders have been wearing their best game faces as the election approaches, apparently confident that they’ll make gains. But even if Liow Tiong Lai...

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Safeguard state land for the people, not developers — Kua Kia Soong

FEBRUARY 23 — The Ijok land controversy highlights an important national issue that affects thousands of rural and urban Malaysians and thus one on which voters need to demand a clear stand...

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Focussing on pressing and urgent women’s issues — Macsa

FEBRUARY 23 — On February 19, Malaysia's progress in women's rights was reviewed at the 69th session of the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against...

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A better Malaysian universe — Tunku Zain Al-’Abidin

FEBRUARY 23 — I wonder how much of a spike in online searches of “Langkawi” occurred last weekend, when the estimated 10 million watchers of Star Trek: Discovery were likely introduced to...

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