Dialogue, not confrontation — Young Professionals

DECEMBER 17 — We in the Young Professionals (YP) were taken aback to read the reply of the G25 Malaysia to our member Aisyah Osman’s piece, itself penned in response to the remarks of the...

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Analysis or propaganda? — Hafidz Baharom

DECEMBER 16 —  I read the letter from Liew Chin Tong lambasting analysts as being biased and justifying a Barisan Nasional victory. In fact, just the day before, PPBM’s strategic director...

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Put children’s safety as top priority — Stephen Ng Eng Joo

DECEMBER 16 — I am writing as a concerned parent with two children at SJK (C) Puay Chai 2, Bandar Utama. Recently, at a meeting with the Selangor Education Department, chaired by its Deputy...

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Championing and upholding the Federal Constitution — G25 Malaysia

DECEMBER 15 — We G25 are deeply touched by Aisyah Osman’s vigorous defence of freedom of speech, where she has stated that whether one is Islamist or secular, it is a fundamental right in a...

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Crowning change — Tunku Zain Al-’Abidin

(Warning: Contains spoilers for The Crown) DECEMBER 15 — There are four little nuggets for Malaysians to enjoy in season two of The Crown. The first comes in the first episode when Queen...

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