Outsmarting urbanisation’s dilemma to achieve green goals — Okay Barutçu

DECEMBER 11 — Cities across the globe are swelling as resources dwindle. The United Nations (UN) estimates that two out of three people will live in a city by 20301, with megacities of 10...

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Giving ourselves permission to learn — Wu Wei Neng

DECEMBER 11 — Why do different people observing the same event or listening to the same person often gain very different insights and value from their experiences? What distinguishes those...

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A little distrust goes a long way — Adrian WJ Kuah

DECEMBER 8 — It has been said that for well-functioning societies — and we can debate what “well-functioning” actually means — trust is an important but taken-for-granted...

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Self-determination resistance continues in West Papua — Roshni Kapur

DECEMBER 8 — The province of West Papua continues to be shrouded in secrecy from the rest of the world. West Papua’s struggle for independence from the Indonesian government has been...

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US embassy move to Jerusalem is morally, legally and politically wrong — DAP and DAPSY

DECEMBER 7 — Jerusalem holds a unique political, religious and spiritual significance and has always been the epicenter of the Middle East conflict and a critical issue for resolving it....

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