Don’t be ugly Malaysians! ― Chai Kim Sen

AUGUST 23 ― The Southeast Asian (SEA) Games are meant to foster goodwill among all our regional neighbours, and a unifier of the melting pot of our unique cultures and heritage that make up...

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GST is a regressive tax, burdens lower-income earners ― Liew Chin Tong

AUGUST 23 ― The debate on Goods and Services Tax (GST) is likely to continue to dominate public discourse as its negative impact is keenly felt by lower income families as well as reflected...

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Kiddie packs: Government caves in to tobacco lobby? — Charles Santiago

AUGUST 22 — The word that comes to my mind is contradiction. Let me explain. In February this year the government was committed to reducing smoking amongst Malaysians. It moved to increase...

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Give modern incinerator a chance in KL — Sharifah Danisah Syed Ibrahim

AUGUST 22 — Modern cities need modern solutions. As we read this letter, some of the 35,000 tonnes of daily trash in Malaysia is looking for a resting place near the rakyat, because some...

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In response to MOPI’s challenge for me to back up my statement — Dr Milton Lum

AUGUST 21 — I refer to the article “Manufacturers challenge to prove generics sometimes don’t work” which appeared today. It is apparent that the Malaysian Organisation of...

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