Respect the rights of migrants — Malaysian Bar Council

DECEMBER 18 — On this International Migrants Day — which is observed on 18 December annually — the Malaysian Bar acknowledges and salutes the indefatigable spirit and courage of all...

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Australia is a great place to visit – but don’t get caught up in a visa scam — Australian High Commissioner to Malaysia

DECEMBER 18 — Australia is a popular destination for relaxation, leisure and sightseeing for many Malaysians every year.  Indeed, more than 370 000 temporary visas were issued to Malaysians...

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Will the real Young Professionals stand up? — Jason Loh

DECEMBER 18 — This letter is in defence of the G25 of eminent retired civil servants against the disrespectful, unwarranted and malicious attacks from the Young Professionals. Initially, I...

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What makes a political force viable — Kerk Chee Yee

DECEMBER 18 — We see an interesting phenomenon today. A handful of Malaysians (majority of whom are young) are seriously contemplating to either abstain from voting, cast spoilt vote or vote...

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Dialogue, not confrontation — Young Professionals

DECEMBER 17 — We in the Young Professionals (YP) were taken aback to read the reply of the G25 Malaysia to our member Aisyah Osman’s piece, itself penned in response to the remarks of the...

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