Reuters Video: Fierce firefight as Philippines’ toughest urban war down to last building

Troops in the Philippines were locked in an intense battle yesterday with a pro-Islamic State alliance as the army seeks to declare an end to the country’s internal security crisis. —...

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Reuters Video: High noon for the ECB, Draghi at the QE Corral

The ECB will this week decide to trim its asset purchases, according to a Reuters poll of economists, while also extending its QE programme. But economists are split on just how long the...

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Reuters Video: Titanic victim’s letter sold for record £126,000

A personal letter, written on embossed Titanic ‘on-board’ stationary, is sold for a record 126,000 pounds at a UK auction. — Reuters

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Reuters Video: Typhoon drenches Japan on general election day

Tens of thousands of people across Japan were advised to evacuate, hundreds of flights were cancelled and train services were disrupted on Sunday as a typhoon roared towards the coast, bringing...

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Reuters Video: Catalan leader accuses Madrid of ‘worst attack since Franco’

Catalonia’s leaders said yesterday (October 21) they would not accept direct rule imposed on the region by the Spanish government. Pascale Davies reports. — Reuters

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