Cate Blanchett plays 13 different roles in ‘Manifesto’

Academy Award-winning actress Cate Blanchett takes on the role of 13 varying characters in this new trailer for ‘Manifesto’.

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Reuters Video: Gene Cernan, last astronaut to walk on moon, dies at 82

Eugene Cernan, the last astronaut to walk on the moon, died yesterday (January 16) at the age of 82, the US space agency said. Nathan Frandino reports. ― Reuters

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Reuters Video: After Vatican controversy, McDonald’s feeds homeless in Rome

McDonald’s received a lukewarm reception when it opened a new branch within sight of Pope Francis’ window, but now the fast food giant seems to have taken on board one of his cherished...

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Reuters Video: FBI arrests wife of Orlando nightclub shooter

Noor Salman, the wife of Orlando nightclub killer Omar Mateen, has reportedly been arrested in connection with the 2016 massacre. Linda So reports. ― Reuters

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