‘Killer robots’ must be stopped now, scientists tell UN

SYDNEY, Aug 21 — Scientists from around the world have called for the United Nations (UN) to take action to stop the proliferation of “killer robots”, China’s Xinhua news agency...

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Five programmable robots to introduce kids to code

LOS ANGELES, Aug 21 — Computer programming is on the curriculum for primary and junior high school students, so why not take advantage of the summer vacation to provide your child with a...

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Apple under pressure to dazzle as market slows

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 20 — As Apple and Samsung gear up to launch new flagship smartphones, the market leaders are seeking a wow factor that can help them fend off challenges from rising...

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AI revolution will be all about humans, says Siri trailblazer

HONG KONG, Aug 19 — It’s 2050 and the world revolves around you. From the contents of your fridge to room temperature — digital assistants ensure your home runs smoothly. Your screens...

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Nokia 8: Sound and video that stand out from the crowd (VIDEO)

HELSINKI, Aug 19 — Nokia is expanding its range of smartphones to include a new high-end model which stands out from the competition with its ability to simultaneously display images from the...

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