See Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon in HBO’s ‘Big Little Lies’ (VIDEO)

LOS ANGELES, Oct 18 — HBO has unveiled a first glimpse of its upcoming limited series due to air in 2017 on the US TV network. Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley star in this small screen adaptation of the Liane Moriarty book Big Little Lies, which now has its first trailer.

Big Little Lies tells the story of a group of parents whose children all attend the same small primary school. Their already complex world is shaken by the death of one of the parents at a school event. The story focuses principally on three mothers — Madeline, Celeste and Jane — whose lives could all appear perfect from the outside.

In reality, all three women have their own particular problems. Madeline is resentful seeing her daughter becoming close to Bonnie, her ex-husband’s new girlfriend. Celeste, a mother to unruly twins, is being abused by her rich banker husband. Jane is a single mother who’s new to the town. Their difficult situations bring the three friends closer together.

For this new event series, HBO has signed up a cast worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster. Kidman (Celeste), Witherspoon (Madeline) and Woodley (Jane) star alongside Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood) in the role of Celeste’s husband, James Tupper (Revenge, Grey’s Anatomy) as Madeline’s ex-husband, Zoë Kravitz (Divergent) as Bonnie, plus Laura Dern (Jurassic Park) and Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation).

Big Little Lies is based on the book of the same name by Australian author Liane Moriarty, published in July 2014. The series is expected to air in 2017 on US TV network HBO. — AFP-Relaxnews

‘Big Little Lies’ is expected to air in 2017 on US TV network HBO. — AFP pic‘Big Little Lies’ is expected to air in 2017 on US TV network HBO. — AFP pic