Researchers raise doubts over cause of Chilean poet Neruda’s death

SANTIAGO, Oct 22 — International researchers investigating the death of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda raised doubts on Friday as to whether he died of cancer 44 years ago as previously presumed,...

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Herge’s last Tintin strip goes up for auction (VIDEO)

LIEGE, Oct 21 — The last major illustration by Tintin creator Herge will be put up for auction today in Liege. The pair of ink drawings, measuring 85cm by 3.5cm and 95cm by 3.5cm (2 metres...

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Italian doctor swaps scalpel for pen to spotlight migrants’ plight

LONDON, Oct 21 — From a Somali man who carried his paralysed brother across the desert and the sea, to a Syrian father who had to let his son drown to save his wife and baby daughter, a new...

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Publisher apologises for offensive material in nursing textbook

WASHINGTON, Oct 21 — Publishing giant Pearson has apologised for material in a nursing textbook which has been criticised as culturally and racially offensive. The objectionable section in...

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Pablo Neruda assassination probe finds cancer didn’t kill him

SANTIAGO, Oct 21 — International experts announced yesterday that Chilean Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda did not die of cancer, but could not conclusively determine if he was assassinated by...

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