Opinion : Zurairi AR

Will Pakatan’s fearmongering push voters away?

JANUARY 14 – It was disappointing, but not unexpected. Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) announcement last week that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad will return as prime minister — after an almost 15-year...

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From Iran, another revolution to spread its wings?

JANUARY 7 — Eggs. It may put a smile on our faces in the morning fried sunny side up, or half-boiled and accompanied by a cup of black, sweet-as-sin coffee. Or maybe they upset you, when they...

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What to expect in 2018, Part 2

DECEMBER 31 — 2017 was sort of a year for comebacks. For some of us, it was the return of the fear of all things nuclear, as if we were back in the days of the Cold War again. In January,...

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What to expect in 2018, Part 1

DECEMBER 24 — 2017 felt like the world was on the edge of a precipice even as the Islamic State (IS) looked like they were finished and global violence was on a decline for two years running,...

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Insidious attempt to rewrite reality

DECEMBER 17 — There are few things more depressing than celebrating Human Rights Day in a country that refuses to fully recognise the rights of some of its citizens. Adding salt to the...

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