Opinion : Terence Fernandez

New script needed after losing the plot

DECEMBER 12 ― And so another instalment of the annual carnival we all know as the Umno General Assembly has concluded, and the rest of the world can get on with their lives. The red baju...

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Transparency: Corporate Malaysia doing better than government

AUGUST 15 ― On August 8, the Malaysian Institute of Corporate Governance (MICG) launched its inaugural report on transparency in corporate reporting among Malaysia's top 100 public listed...

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Extended season for race politics

AUGUST 1 ― The few times I was conscious about my ethnicity and that I was a minority in this country were at Umno gatherings or meetings and the party’s annual general assembly. I was...

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Time for an East Coast revival?

JULY 18 ― When PAS took over the government of Kelantan in 1990, there was expectedly a lot of trepidation from the people in the state. From the party’s inexperience in administration to...

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Past heroes remind us of how far we can still go

JULY 11 — Last week I had the privilege of co-organising a visit of 28 former national athletes to the National Sports Complex in Bukit Jalil. The VIP visitors included icons such as track...

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