Opinion : Surekha A. Yadav

South-east Asian horror costume ideas for Halloween

OCTOBER 22 — So, we’re into the festive season. Of course, in this part of the world we see some festival or other every few weeks or so but the end of the year definitely sees a peak. We...

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Who will be Singapore’s next prime minister?

OCTOBER 15 — Singapore isn’t due for another general election until 2021 which should imply that we are some time away from seeing a change in our leadership. In Singapore, the prime...

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Is Singapore too selfish for the sharing economy?

OCTOBER 8 — A certain percentage of people are basically jerks and that’s the polite phrasing. I haven’t worked out what proportion of people fall into this category but overall I...

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Where the best is also home to the worst

OCTOBER 1 — I love Malaysia. Of course, as a proud Singaporean, I believe my Lion City is among the best cities in the world and I can’t wait for the day (and it will come) when it’s the...

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Singapore healthcare system not completely subsidised

SEPTEMBER 24 — Singaporeans may not have gotten to vote for their president but we take comfort in the fact that we live in a developed country. We certainly have developed world level...

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