Opinion : Surekha A. Yadav

Singapore and Malaysia: Same, same but different

JANUARY 21 — So our (Singapore and Malaysia) prime ministers had their annual retreat last week. Officially called the Singapore-Malaysia Leaders’ Retreat, the leaders of our two...

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City of the future: Tokyo vs Singapore

JANUARY 14 – Recently, work has taken me to Japan a few times and as I sit here in an artsy book-filled cafe, eating another feather light slice of strawberry shortcake, overlooking a...

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What 2018 looks like for the Lil Red Dot

JANUARY 7 — So 2018 is here and, for the most part, it looks a lot like 2017 — cloudy with a high chance of rain. Through the monsoon clouds and morning rain, here are my predictions for...

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Are there any Chinese in Singapore?

DECEMBER 31 — A rather interesting article has been doing the rounds on the internet lately: an opinion piece in the South China Morning Post (SCMP) which discusses why ethnic Chinese in...

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Do they know it’s Christmas… in Jerusalem?

DECEMBER 24 — Christmas is coming... in fact if the decorations on Orchard Road are an indication, it’s been coming since October. The extent of the commercialisation is annoying but you...

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