Opinion : Shaun Liew

How one man built a thriving running community

JANUARY 10 — I hate running. It is torture. You don’t stop moving, and you don’t do anything else but move.  So I was curious about what made Matthew Barsing run, and how he managed to...

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UKEC: Students on a tightrope

JUNE 29 ― It's a joy to watch Malaysian politicians go head to head on stage. You get differing views on how to run the country, and since it inevitably affects our fate, it's important to...

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So, when is it too much?

JUNE 13 ― How do you know when you have to do something? My gay friend made me think about this. In the UK, homosexual couples still get attacked for displaying their love for each other in...

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Response to a (t)horny issue: The case for hunting safaris

APRIL 14 — No one really cares about rhinos; not unless you are concerned about the animal’s conservation or want their horns.  Prized for use as daggers, medicine, and aphrodisiacs,...

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What it is like in Leeds

MARCH 27 — As a student here, there will be late nights, really late nights, and nights so late you may as well eat breakfast before you sleep.  It is true when the British tell you the...

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