Opinion : Shafiqah Othman Hamzah

Rebuilding Medina

MAY 3 — Earlier last month, I attended an intercultural and inter-religious dialogue for youth organised by Komuniti Muslim Universal (KMU) where the focus was on emulating the spirit of the...

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Child marriage: Sanctioned child molestation?

APRIL 25 ― As many Malaysians already know, MP Tasek Gelugor Shabudin Yahaya made the careless mistake of saying on record that it is okay for rape victims to marry their rapists as it could...

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Learning to say ‘no’ to strangers because #SayaSayangSaya

MARCH 30 ― Last year, I was given the honour of emceeing #ReplyForAll-MY in Kuala Lumpur, a townhall for the Malaysian chapter of Unicef’s global campaign to make the internet a safer place...

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Why don’t they take us seriously?

MARCH 9 — In my last column, I talked about how our cognitive biases fuel group polarisations, resulting in counter-productive approaches to social change and progress.  It is important to...

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Why I choose to be grey

FEBRUARY 24 — In recent months, I have been strongly criticised for my decision to be in the grey area regarding certain things. Before I start, I think it is important for me first to...

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