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The truth behind the US show of force in Asia — Peter Apps

NOVEMBER 14 — As President Donald Trump tours Asia, three US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier battle groups are exercising together in the Pacific. It’s an awesome display of US military...

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How Trump can prevent a nuclear Iran — Eric Edelman and Charles Ward

NOVEMBER 1 — Donald Trump has announced two important and long overdue changes to Iran policy. First, he committed to addressing the shortcomings of the Iran nuclear deal, without terminating...

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The unlikely — and ironic — effects of Islamic State’s fall in Iraq — Maysam Behravesh

OCTOBER 27 — Islamic State (IS) has been routed in Iraq. On October 5, the militant group lost the northern town of Hawija — its last urban stronghold after Iraqi forces recaptured Mosul and...

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What you need to know about the post-IS battle for the Middle East — Peter Van Buren

OCTOBER 25 — With Islamic State in fatal decline and the edges of Kurdistan afire, the Middle East is entering a new era, dominated by the Saudi-Iranian power struggle. The United States,...

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How money will divide Europe after Brexit — Paul Wallace

OCTOBER 18 — Right now the European Union is united on one thing above all: To get Britain to pay as big a divorce bill as possible when it exits the EU. But while money will unite leaders at...

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