Opinion : Quek Yew Aun

Otter success across the Causeway

NOVEMBER 21 — The Singapore public loves their otters. Period. Their activities are often reported in the local dailies, photos uploaded on social media and heck even their daily movements...

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The case for broadcasting local football matches ‘live’

SEPT 30 — Four exciting football matches were played last Sunday night. No, I’m not talking about Liverpool’s emphatic victory over Leicester or newly-promoted Brighton’s only second win...

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Wanted: Green

SEPTEMBER 14 ― Last week, residents of Taman Melawati organised a public protest against the construction of a convention centre in their neighbourhood. The centre is to be built on a plot of...

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Age of distraction

AUGUST 10 — Looking at scenes played out in restaurants nationwide, it does seem as if handheld devices have become the preferred tool to appease wailing children.  Gone are the days where...

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Serving up a lesson

JUNE 28 ― People can’t seem to get enough of cats these days. Once only found in obscure places like your B-graded mamaks or the crazy cat lady’s house next door, today one can argue that...

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