Opinion : Praba Ganesan

Ten years after Hindraf

NOV 23 — In two days, it’d be 10 years since the Hindraf rally in Kuala Lumpur. umnThe reinvention, reinterpretation and claim to ownership of the movement — which has a curious genesis...

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Covering the hotel front-desk kerfuffle

NOVEMBER 16 — It’s been that kind of week. MPs Gobind Singh, Nazri Aziz and Nurul Izzah Anwar agreeing with each other completely over an issue.  This is regarding upmarket hotels barring...

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The rise of private education

NOVEMBER 9 — An education revolution is afoot in the country, and it is operating in the shadows, as a silhouette of equally tantalising and frightening possibilities for the future. Iconic...

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Seniors need a life to live

NOVEMBER 2 — As it stands, most Malaysians won't age gracefully. Such is the state of social delivery management for senior citizens presently. The verdict, weighing the scarce little done...

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Pakatan losing its mojo

OCTOBER 26 — On the home stretch to a general election, on the eve of the election Budget reading, the performance of Pakatan Harapan — the main opposition coalition, with its viability...

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