Opinion : Praba Ganesan

The Chinese political jigsaw

FEBRUARY 15 — It is unclear if the Chinese have been let down by their leaders or they have been largely ignorant of the equations they stay loyal to but are stuttering. Either way, with a...

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Fake news is relentless

FEBRUARY 8 — Everyday is a struggle being in the same WhatsApp group as Jena. And a laugh. He shares as he goes. He claims he does it while waiting between errands, for instance, waiting to...

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GE14 check-list for Pakatan fans

FEBRUARY 1 — Welcome to election season. Today, on the show, some advice for Pakatan Harapan followers. There are plenty of words being exchanged over why some “friends” have lost...

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#undirosak matters

JANUARY 25 — The #undirosak movement is captivating. But not so much as the response from Pakatan Harapan leaders over it, or rather the lack of coherent responses. [#undirosak is...

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Where will Pakatan leaders contest this GE14?

JANUARY 18 — Most days I feel Pakatan Harapan leaders — old, young and the deceptively youthful — plan out election strategies like third speakers in boarding schools’ debating...

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