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Tweeting toward oblivion ― Frank Bruni

MARCH 23 ― Donald Trump faces a stark choice. He can tweet, or he can govern. He can indulge his persecution complex, firing off missives that compare Barack Obama to Joseph McCarthy and US...

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All the president’s lies ― David Leonhardt

MARCH 21 ― The ninth week of Donald Trump’s presidency began with the FBI director calling him a liar. The director, the very complicated James Comey, didn’t use the L-word in his...

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The epidemic of infallibility in the US — Paul Krugman

MARCH 20 — Two weeks after President Donald Trump claimed, bizarrely, that the Obama administration had wiretapped his campaign, his press secretary suggested that GCHQ — Britain’s...

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Make US Singapore — Ross Douthat

MARCH 19 — I have been devoting this space to deliberately implausible ideas lately, and the time has come to turn to an issue that our politicians are actually debating: health care reform....

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Disciples of a false prophet ― Charles M. Blow

MARCH 16 ― The con Donald Trump committed on his voters is slowly coming undone. He is not honest. He is not a brilliant deal maker. He is not even competent. His entire life, Trump has sold...

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