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Trump is insulting our intelligence — Charles M. Blow

MAY 12 — I feel as if we are being conditioned to chaos by a “president” who abhors the stillness of stability. Every day we awake to a new outrage. We now exist in a rolling trauma —...

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Crisis or stasis? ― Ross Douthat

MAY 11 ― After the cascading weirdness of recent Western history, the results from France’s presidential election were strangely ... normal. All the hours that Trump-traumatised commentators...

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The filthy metaphor of Rome ― Frank Bruni

MAY 10 ― This city tells an ancient story. It also tells a modern one. Behold the Colosseum. The other day I did, and I was blown away, not by its link to the past but by its luster in the...

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Macron and the revival of Europe — Roger Cohen

MAY 8 — It’s not just that Emmanuel Macron won and will become, at age 39, France’s youngest president. It’s not merely that he defeated, in Marine Le Pen, the forces of xenophobic...

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No country for this old man — Timothy Egan

MAY 6 — In his three calamitous months in office, President Donald Trump has visited a property that is part of his business empire nearly once every three days. And while Barack Obama had...

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