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The pond-skater presidency — David Brooks

APRIL 28 — You’ve got to give him credit — Donald Trump is a lot more adaptable than many of his critics. Many of them reacted to Trump’s shocking election victory in the fall with the...

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The urgency of ethnic nationalism ― David Leonhardt

APRIL 26 ― A virulent nationalism, tinged with bigotry, is on the rise across much of the world. It helped elect Narendra Modi in India and sustains Vladimir Putin in Russia. It has vaulted...

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Crime and different punishments ― Ross Douthat

APRIL 24 ― Last week, the state of Arkansas, which had executed exactly nobody since 2005, put to death Ledell Lee for the crime of murdering Debra Reese in 1993. Why now — 11 years after...

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Life, Liberty and Ivanka ― Roger Cohen

APRIL 22 ― To commemorate the 250th anniversary of the United States of America, President Donald Trump hosted a lavish party at the Mar-a-Lago White House. Banners proclaiming “Life,...

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The North Korea-Trump nightmare ― Nicholas Kristof

APRIL 20 ― President Donald Trump is scary in many ways, but perhaps the most frightening nightmare is of him blundering into a new Korean war. It would begin because the present approach of...

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