Opinion : Mustafa Anuar

Living a ‘pure’ life

OCTOBER 21 — It’s not because I’m suffering from aquaphobia that resulted in me shelving the idea of spending a nice holiday on a few beaches that are still in excellent condition on the...

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Why political leaders should not be untouchable

AUGUST 25 ― Ruling politicians, by virtue of their political and social standing in the public domain, invariably come under public gaze that is easily facilitated by the presence of...

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Of idolatry and sensitivities

AUGUST 18 ― Religious sensitivity becomes a bone of contention quite easily in a multi-religious society such as Malaysia’s. And over the years, such sensitivity appears to have afflicted...

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The racial demon in multi-ethnic Malaysia

AUGUST 7 ― Ethnicity has always been the governing factor, if not an incurable obsession, at almost every level of society. But the recent manipulation of ethnic politics is at an all-time...

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Prescribing press freedom in Malaysia

MAY 4 — The fact that Malaysia attained the 144th slot in the Reporters Without Borders’ 2017 Press Freedom Ranking of 180 countries leaves a bad taste in the mouth for it obviously...

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