Opinion : Kapil Sethi

A growing culture of victimhood

DECEMBER 20 — Part of why Donald Trump has us transfixed is his absolute, unswerving determination to never be wrong. And if he ever is proven to be wrong, it’s because the whole world is...

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The victory of anger over compassion

OCTOBER 5 — One could be forgiven for not remembering the birthday of that great apostle of non-violence and compassion for fellow human beings — Mahatma Gandhi — on October 2.  Between...

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The end of memorials?

JULY 31 — All around the beautiful city of Washington DC and the leafy suburbs of Maryland and Virginia, they are hard to miss; statues commemorating people and events that left a mark on...

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The praying pilot

JUNE 27 ― Recent news of an AirAsia pilot who purportedly asked passengers to pray in the face of an emergency, before safely landing the plane has raised a number of troubling issues. Zaid...

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100 days of Trump’s lies, fatigue ― and us

MAY 1 ― George W started it with his insistence on the WMDs in Iraq. No mea culpas, no apologies, nothing. But within the overall arc of his presidency or even Barack Obama’s, there was...

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