Opinion : Helen Hickey

Giving back during a gap year

JANUARY 16 ― When someone mentions taking a gap year, visions of backpacking around the world absorbing different cultures, sights and basically having a jolly good time of it after years of...

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‘Vive La France’ and ‘Vive Emmanuel Macron’

MAY 8 — Relieved and overjoyed. That’s how many are feeling right now in France, safe in the knowledge that the Republic is in the right hands, those very progressive, capable and...

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It’s a Macron versus Le Pen final

APRIL 24 ― En Marche! La France. Onwards France! France’s progressive and most promising candidate Emmanuel Macron has made it through the first round of the French elections. Many have...

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The French need a Revolution, not crisis

APRIL 21 ― Just when you think it can’t get any worse, this global disorder, this downward spiral ― Brexit, Donald J. Trump’s victory, Russia’s rise, Syria’s incineration, Kim...

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Women’s March: Millions unite against Trump and all he stands for

JANUARY 25 — We will not be silent. This is what the resistance movement ‘Women’s March’ is about: We have a voice. On Saturday, women, men and children, united by their sense of...

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