Opinion : Farouk A. Peru

Are we getting a new ‘Saw’ series?

JANUARY 12 ― I pride myself on being able to figure out twists in films but when The Sixth Sense first came out in 1999, I was totally fooled. This is nothing to be ashamed of as most...

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Is book banning ever the answer?

DECEMBER 29 — Over two years ago, I had the pleasure of sitting on a panel with Zaid Ibrahim. He was promoting his book Assalamualaikum and I acted as an expert on Islamic law in...

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‘The Last Jedi’: A spoiler-filled review

DECEMBER 22 — Two weeks ago, I speculated about what Star Wars: The Last Jedi would be like.  While I wasn’t falling all over myself in terms of expectations, I certainly was not expecting...

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How casual racism escalates and how to eradicate it

DECEMBER 15 ― I was rather shocked this week when I saw a tweet by an up and coming Malaysian star which used the universally unacceptable “n” word. I must be fair ― she did not use it...

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How will ‘The Last Jedi’ fare?

DECEMBER 8 — In 1999, I had one thing to look forward to. It was not — I am sure to my dad’s consternation — my graduation from university nor was it any significant event in my own...

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