Opinion : Erna Mahyuni

Covering up stewardesses won’t stop plane crashes

DECEMBER 13 ― I propose a ban on certain subjects from ever being brought up in the Dewan e.g. sitting members' menstrual cycles, Malaysia Book of Records and what our stewardesses are...

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How to stay sane now the Opposition has gone mad

DECEMBER 6 — Congratulations are in order for the Malaysian Opposition for delivering nearly as many facepalm-worthy moments as Barisan. The latest apparently is to recommend Tun Dr...

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Will English-medium schools help only the monied?

NOVEMBER 29 — Another day, another chance for parents to clamour for English medium schools. But we already have those: they’re called swanky private schools and judging from the products...

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Why do Malaysians give away their data like candy?

NOVEMBER 22 ― Over tea with a certain “fruity” tech company, the conversation turned to personal data security. The company I was speaking to was suddenly getting questions from local...

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It’s the world that has to change, not women

NOVEMBER 15 — October was a rough month for sexual assault victims, particularly women. While the increased awareness about the prevalence of these abuses is a good thing, it comes with the...

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