Opinion : Erna Mahyuni

On fake dentists and saving the right people

OCTOBER 11 — It’s a little sad that a fake dentist is getting a lot of publicity. I understand the outrage over NGOs rescuing her silly behind from prison, but she isn’t an isolated...

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Hello, who are you fighting for?

OCTOBER 4 — It’s time to stockpile the headache relief pills: the election is coming. I’m already getting a headache from the different voting campaigns going on — vote, don’t vote,...

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Self-hatred is the only logical reason not to vote

SEPTEMBER 27 — Believe it or not, the spoiled ballot protesters have actually been around since before I was old enough to vote. So long, in fact, I think I’m due an appointment at the...

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The difficult choices of non-Muslim Malaysians

SEPT 20 — To be non-Muslim in Malaysia is both difficult and not difficult, depending on who you talk to. As Malays in Malaysia are not allowed to not choose Islam, being non-Muslim...

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Remembering the things that do work in Malaysia

SEPTEMBER 13 ― A lot of my columns revolve around the things that don't work in Malaysia but writing this from the US, I am thinking of the things we do well. Having experienced two...

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