Opinion : Erna Mahyuni

Prisoners of our data

MARCH 21 — As I’ve said before Malaysians have a lack of appreciation of the importance of data security. The notion that our personal data is floating around in various repositories to be...

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The seasoned journo’s guide to surviving the election

MARCH 14 — It is that time when Malaysian headlines become nearly impossible to tell apart from the Onion's. The time when even toughened crime beat reporters cry because even they might be...

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Leaving education to the experts

MARCH 7 ― Ah, that madness is on us again. The fever called the general election. As usual we're hearing honeyed promises from all quarters but one thing I wish we could do is separate...

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Stop the obsession with how a person dresses

FEBRUARY 28 — “Tudung, mana tudung?” (Hijab, where’s your hijab?) It’s a common refrain you see on social media usually directed at any local Muslim/Malay woman who chooses not to...

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Time to get a sense of humour

FEBRUARY 21 — It’s hard to be a comedian in this country or any kind of entertainer, really. Even performing a play requires a copy of the script to be vetted by local authorities. Maybe...

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