Opinion : Dyana Sofya

Should we play it long or short?

JANUARY 12 ― It would not be too presumptuous to say that the arrival of 2018 has been eagerly awaited by many, if not most Malaysians. What makes it particularly portentous is not simply...

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The Wonder Woman in us

JUNE 7 ― Last weekend I had the opportunity to watch the new superhero action movie based on DC Comics’ Wonder Woman (spoiler alert). Besides being my namesake (Wonder Woman’s human name...

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Teenage dream and child marriage

APRIL 13 ― If I had been asked as a teenager if I wanted to marry my teenage boyfriend, my puppy-loved mind might have said yes. Thankfully, the situation never arose, and I am glad for it....

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My hopes and dreams for 2017

JANUARY 14 — Happy New Year! Since we are still in the month of January, it is probably not too late for me to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year. I can’t help believing that 2017...

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Friendship, unity and strength

MAY 24 ― The Europeans are quirky people. Although the continent accommodates dozens of countries, languages, religions and cultures, they have been able to stand together ― at least for the...

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