Opinion : Andy West

Acceptance of each other’s differences not a simple matter

JUNE 25 — What do you think about homosexuality? It’s perhaps one of the most incendiary and divisive questions you can ask, sure to draw a wide range of emotionally charged answers...

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Football’s eternal season

JUNE 24 — I love football. I always have and I probably always will. For its blend of physicality and technique, its requirement of both selfless disciplined teamwork and daring individual...

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Amir and Valencia seize sport’s second chances

JUNE 20 ― If you believe that people deserve a second chance in life, the sporting arena is a great place to find them. And this weekend there were a couple of heart-warming examples of past...

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EU overcomes the invisible hand’s paralysis

JUNE 18 — Life became a little cheaper for millions of European people on Thursday after mobile telephone companies were forced to scrap roaming charges for customers who use their phones...

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India and Pakistan ready for billionaire showdown

JUNE 17 — When it comes to international sporting rivalries, nothing really comes close to matching India against Pakistan at cricket. If you don’t believe me, consider this: they are...

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