Opinion : Andy West

Chelsea’s secondary scorers starting to deliver

DECEMBER 16 ― With the English Premier League title race more or less already decided ― congratulations to Manchester City ― for the remainder of the campaign attention will turn to a...

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City survive errors to get one hand on EPL title

DECEMBER 12 — Being a football manager must be such a frustrating occupation. You spend hours poring over DVDs and holding lengthy discussions with your support staff, examining your...

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Bonkers Brexit bumbles along

DECEMBER 10 — Are you familiar with the British slang word “bonkers”? There are actually two meanings to bonkers. One of them cannot be discussed in a family publication, but the other...

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Day of reckoning in EPL title race

DECEMBER 9 ― So, here it is: this is the weekend when we will discover whether the English Premier League title race will actually be any kind of race at all, or merely a straightforward...

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England’s Ashes challenge quickly crumbling

DECEMBER 5 — The Ashes is one of sport’s greatest contests. The oldest cricket competition in the world, it was first held between England and Australia way back in 1882 and is now staged...

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