Opinion : Andy West

A message to terrorists: I’m not afraid

AUGUST 20 — By now, everyone knows that on Thursday late afternoon in my hometown of Barcelona, an Islamic terrorist haphazardly swerved a rented van down the famous Las Ramblas boulevard,...

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Wembley, not transfer inactivity, stands in Spurs’ way

AUGUST 19 ― In an unprecedented summer of spending in the football transfer market, the English Premier League’s big guns have predictably been splashing the cash in pursuit of the...

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Something in the air at Barcelona and Chelsea

AUGUST 15 ― The mystery and magic in human life derives from the fact that we are not entirely rational creatures. Although many of our decisions and actions are driven by coolly calculated...

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Beyond God and country

AUGUST 13 — Who are you? If asked to describe themselves in a few short sentences, most people would provide similar pieces of information. Firstly, of course, your name. Then your job or...

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Don’t forget the EPL’s other 70pc!

AUGUST 12 — The English Premier League kicks off this weekend and debate about the pros and cons of the potential winners is heated. Reigning champions Chelsea are clearly contenders to...

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