Opinion : Andy West

Low scoring doesn’t mean boring

MARCH 25 — When it comes to sport, everybody loves to see exciting attacking/offensive play. Goals, runs, baskets, hits, touchdowns and tries… accumulating points is the ultimate goal of...

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Casemiro the key for Real Madrid

MARCH 21 ― Even the most casual followers of European football will be very well acquainted with many of the superstars of Real Madrid. The club’s talismanic forward and all-time leading...

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Scots and Dutch strike back against nationalism

MARCH 19 — After several months of the people of western Europe appearing to take a decisive lurch towards the right wing, with nationalist policies and anti-immigration, anti-European...

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Gundogan absence key factor for defeated City

MARCH 18 ― Manchester City's Champions League campaign came to an end on Wednesday night with a 3-1 defeat at Monaco, allowing the exciting young French team to advance on away goals after a...

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Mourinho undermined by players’ imperfections

MARCH 14 ― Marcelo Bielsa, the eccentric Argentine football manager who was last seen with Lazio (for two days) and is credited with inspiring the methods of Pep Guardiola, Mauricio Pochettino...

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