Opinion : Andy West

Messi heroic… but Real Madrid shambolic

APRIL 25 ― Whenever we analyse a goal in football, it’s possible to take two points of view. Firstly, and by far the most common perspective, is to look at how the goal was scored: the...

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Difficult to trust turncoat May

April 23 — She might not have done it for the right reasons, but the decision of British Prime Minister Theresa May to call a snap General Election for early June was the right thing to...

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Real Madrid ready to unleash title celebrations

APRIL 22 ― Do you know when Real Madrid last became Spanish champions? Unless you follow Spanish football closely enough to know the answer, I’d guess most people would assume it is not...

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Real, Atletico, Juve & Dortmund to progress in Champions League

APRIL 18 ― The Uefa Champions League quarter-finals conclude this week with Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Monaco and Juventus holding leads from the first leg, and I think three of them will...

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Turkish voters confronting clash of civilisations

APRIL 16 — The nation of Turkey is standing at a crossroads, and today its 75 million population will decide whether to continue along the same route it has followed so far this century or...

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