Opinion : Alwyn Lau

So what happens when you don’t vote

JANUARY 22 — There is this story of Niels Bohr, the famous Danish physicist, who apparently had horseshoes hung above his doors.  When a visitor, who frowned on this superstitious practice...

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Quick to attack and condemn: Why we do it

JANUARY 15 — Over Christmas, I wrote an article on Israel and the Palestinians. I tried to present some historical facts of the crisis, focusing especially on the 1967 war which led to the...

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How to future-proof students

JANUARY 8 — The biggest risk about formal education is how it leaves students stuck in the past. Take, for example, that #1 “studying method” Malaysian students are familiar with:...

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Anti-resolutions for 2018

JAN 1 — “I have not learned how to solve difficult business problems. What I have learned is to avoid them.” — Warren Buffet It’s instructive that the famous “love passage” in...

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What do Palestinians want from Israel?

DECEMBER 25 — The United Nations decision last week to renounce President Donald Trump’s move on Jerusalem was, if nothing else, predictable (despite Trump’s threats to cut off...

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