Opinion : Aidil Rusli

Sean Baker and ‘The Florida Project’

JANUARY 13 ― The excitement that comes with discovery is one of the great joys of my never-ending hunger for watching films old and new. That realisation that you’re in the presence of a...

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My favourite Blu-ray and DVD releases of 2017

JANUARY 6 — I think 2017 was the year Malaysians finally got to witness first-hand the much vaunted “death of physical media.”  Sure, we’ve been downloading and streaming content for...

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My 10 favourite genre films of 2017

DECEMBER 30 — Technically every film is a genre film, because all films will essentially belong to some sort of genre, playing by that genre’s rules and conventions.  Rom-coms, superhero...

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My 10 favourite films of 2017

DECEMBER 23 — 2017 hasn’t been an especially mind-blowing year when it came to movies, at least not in the sense that I found myself spoilt for choice when I started to think about the list...

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My five favourite albums of 2017

DECEMBER 16 ― We have now come to that part of the year where you will be encountering all sorts of lists about all sorts of things that came out or happened in 2017, which means that I’ll...

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