Republican health plan’s quick death spiral — Megan McArdle

MARCH 25 — Yesterday, in floor debate over the American Health Care Act, Democratic Representative Jim McGovern said: “I look at this bill … and I have to wonder ‘What are my colleagues...

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Low scoring doesn’t mean boring

MARCH 25 — When it comes to sport, everybody loves to see exciting attacking/offensive play. Goals, runs, baskets, hits, touchdowns and tries… accumulating points is the ultimate goal of...

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The ones that got away

MARCH 25 ― Sometimes a film can seem like the most perfect of Oscar baits, yet somehow still fail to gather the required momentum to turn all the support into actual Oscar nominations and...

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Facebook can’t have it both ways, say Germans ― Leonid Bershidsky

MARCH 24 ­— Nearly everyone has criticism for German Justice Minister Heiko Maas’ proposal to impose fines on social networks and their workers for failure to delete hateful content....

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Why we need debates in Malaysia

MARCH 24 ― It is surprising that the police would prohibit a debate between two politicians, and even more surprising that the organisers had to notify the authorities. If the organisers of...

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