Dispelling the RUU355 strawmen, Part 1

FEBRUARY 19 — This article was written from Kelantan, a few nights before the Himpunan 355 rally in support of PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang’s private member’s Bill for harsher...

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Singapore specials: The island’s mongrels

FEBRUARY 19 — About six years ago, I saw a picture of a wounded, black puppy on my Facebook feed. The little mongrel had been rescued by a group of volunteers but they were running out of...

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Piers Morgan’s descent into parody

FEBRUARY 19 — A few years ago, Piers Morgan was a serious and significant figure in the world of journalism. Now, though, he is fast becoming a self-parody and something of a national joke,...

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Singing the two-state blues — Roger Cohen

FEBRUARY 18 — There was plenty not to like in President Donald Trump’s joint appearance with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. But before I get to that, let’s entertain the...

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Spineless Arsene-al fall apart again

FEBRUARY 18 — The worst thing about Arsenal’s collapse against Bayern Munich on Wednesday night is that nobody was in the slightest bit surprised. This is Arsenal. It’s what they do....

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