Singapore has reached its end

APRIL 30 — Marina Bay used to have the best steamboat restaurants in Singapore. That line of hotpot spots are now replaced by… well, the entire city. I had never really thought much about...

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Le Pen continues the rise of national sentiment

APRIL 30 — As the current round of European elections continued with last weekend’s first presidential vote in France, the outcome highlighted an ongoing debate which is likely to continue...

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Mourinho and Guardiola delivering damp squib

APRIL 29 — I wanted to start this article by using the phrase "damp squib", but then realised that although I know what it means – something that has not lived up to expectations – I did...

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Do not ‘Get Out’ of ‘The Void’!

APRIL 29 — Being a pretty hardcore fan of genre films, there really aren't that many things more delightful than watching a modern genre classic in a local cinema.  Even when the films are...

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The pond-skater presidency — David Brooks

APRIL 28 — You’ve got to give him credit — Donald Trump is a lot more adaptable than many of his critics. Many of them reacted to Trump’s shocking election victory in the fall with the...

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