China should let its migrant workers roam free — Michael Pettis

DECEMBER 18 — Over the past few weeks, people here in Beijing have been riveted by the so-called migrant “clean-out” — the government’s attempt to evict tens of thousands of migrant...

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The sanctity of life on Malaysian roads

DECEMBER 18 — I was in an accident a few months back.  I was driving to Ipoh when a big black bag appeared in front of me. Perhaps it was my medical background, or more likely from watching...

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Anti-sex, sinlessness, fiction or violation? (On the virgin birth)

DECEMBER 18 — Christmas is here (or nearby). We got Christmas trees, nativity props, ancient carols comingling with tunes about reindeers, elves, Santa and how All I Want For Christmas Is...

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Insidious attempt to rewrite reality

DECEMBER 17 — There are few things more depressing than celebrating Human Rights Day in a country that refuses to fully recognise the rights of some of its citizens. Adding salt to the...

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Confusion reigns as Catalans return to polls

DECEMBER 17 — For the umpteenth time, Catalan people in the north east of Spain are preparing to go to the polls in an attempt to decide whether the region should gain independence. The...

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