With all due disrespect — Paul Krugman

JANUARY 17 — As a young man, Congressman John Lewis, who represents most of Atlanta, literally put his life on the line in pursuit of justice. As a key civil rights leader, he endured multiple...

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Pressing problems for Guardiola

JANUARY 17 — Any thoughts that Manchester City were poised to embark upon a long winning run to challenge Chelsea’s lead at the top of the English Premier League were shattered by Sunday’s...

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Varsity blues could be a good thing

JANUARY 17 — Around this time in 2012, then University Malaya (UM) vice-chancellor Tan Sri Prof Dr Ghauth Jasmon gave an interview to Malay Mail. Expecting the educator to be speaking...

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Jangan cepat menilai dan menghakimi seseorang

16 JANUARI — Seperti yang dijangka dan menepati ramalan, Mohd Faiz Subri pada awal pagi Isnin lalu melakar sejarah tersendiri sebagai pemain Asia dan Malaysia pertama untuk memenangi Anugerah...

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#MyZizek May 13 and why ‘Karate Kid’s’ Mr Han wrecked his car

JANUARY 16 — Remember that scene in Karate Kid (2010) where Mr Han (played by Jackie Chan) spent months cleaning and fixing his car — only to thrash it? Through great sobs, Han explained his...

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