An Indian wishlist

OCTOBER 19 — Happy Deepavali! It’s that time of year, and as I write this, my brother and his childhood friend Indie are sitting on the porch chatting about the fate of Indians in the...

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What China’s party congress means for markets — Komal Sri-Kumar

OCTOBER 18 — The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China begins Wednesday. The conclave, which happens every five years, will mark an important political transition, and...

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North Korea is playing a longer game than the US — Tyler Cowen

OCTOBER 18 — If we think through the North Korea nuclear weapons dilemma using game theory, one aspect of the problem deserves more attention, namely the age of the country’s leader, Kim...

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How money will divide Europe after Brexit — Paul Wallace

OCTOBER 18 — Right now the European Union is united on one thing above all: To get Britain to pay as big a divorce bill as possible when it exits the EU. But while money will unite leaders at...

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Malaysians need to stop waiting to be saved

OCTOBER 18 — I’ve written before about the Malaysian hero worship complex and it disturbs me how much it has surged in the last few days. Malaysians are both the most trusting and...

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