Prayer was never meant to be ‘useful’

JUNE 28 — Look, prayer is FOC. It’s eco-friendly. It helps to promote mindfulness and is great for anger management. It’s a universal “human” thing and resonates with...

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Why the fiscally conservatives are probably aliens

JUNE 28 —  It is mentally and emotionally exhausting to be around people who call themselves “fiscal conservatives.” I have privately concluded these people are likely not human, but...

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Serving up a lesson

JUNE 28 ― People can’t seem to get enough of cats these days. Once only found in obscure places like your B-graded mamaks or the crazy cat lady’s house next door, today one can argue that...

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Trump should go easy on North Korea over Warmbier death ― Daniel R. DePetris

JUNE 27 ― Otto Warmbier was the quintessential American college student. He faced a promising future and was keen to broaden his view of the world. It was likely that sense of adventure that...

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The praying pilot

JUNE 27 ― Recent news of an AirAsia pilot who purportedly asked passengers to pray in the face of an emergency, before safely landing the plane has raised a number of troubling issues. Zaid...

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