Jangan cepat marah dan melatah

21 OGOS — Kebiasaannya, kita memberikan reaksi apabila sesuatu yang dilakukan berakhir dengan kesudahan yang tidak dijangka. Kita berasa kecewa apabila sesuatu agenda yang ingin dicapai...

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When Annabelle stopped being scary

AUGUST 21 — Prequels have a mixed success record. Star Wars I-III, Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, The Hobbit, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans — these are just a few examples of high-profile...

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Here’s what to do with reviled statues — John Lloyd

AUGUST 20 — Statues live. The Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville certainly does. The majority of Americans, including his fellow Republicans, disapprove of Donald Trump’s defence of...

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How to beat North Korea at nuclear blackmail — Brad Taylor

AUGUST 20 — “Strategic patience” is out as the US approach to North Korea, and “strategic accountability” is the new term of art. That’s according to an op-ed article by Secretary of...

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A message to terrorists: I’m not afraid

AUGUST 20 — By now, everyone knows that on Thursday late afternoon in my hometown of Barcelona, an Islamic terrorist haphazardly swerved a rented van down the famous Las Ramblas boulevard,...

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