Inspiration from punk and romance: Floral trends in 2018

Inspiration will come from the paintings of the Dutch Masters. — Picture courtesy of / Lajoiedesfleurs.frInspiration will come from the paintings of the Dutch Masters. — Picture courtesy of / Lajoiedesfleurs.frNEW YORK, Jan 14 — Every year sees the emergence of new floral trends. Ron Jeronimus of the Dutch Flower Office in France has given us his predictions of the recurring themes to be found in gardens, window boxes and interiors in 2018. 

The sumptuousness and exuberance of the Dutch Masters

Colours: “Shades of red, orange, and purple against a dark backdrop, giving a feeling of warmth and richness”

Flowers: “They should be large and luxurious: peonies, dahlias, orchids, big roses and begonia leaves.”

Interiors: “The flowers should be paired with noble materials such as marble, rich fabrics like velvet, or printed floral panels.”

Gardens: “This trend could take the form of round-shaped hedges.”

Patchwork and salvaged objects

Colours: “Whatever you prefer. But they must be subdued.”

Flowers: ditto. “The emphasis should be on difference — in shape or in size. These differences should jump out at you. The aim is to be out of the ordinary.”

Interiors: “Vases should be of different shapes and sizes. New or second-hand.”

Gardens: “This trend could take the form of different spaces in a garden, each with its own identity.”


Colours: “Black is back, along with grey. These two shades should be teamed with touches of red and pink.”

Flowers: “They should have an aggressive aura, with petals that come to a point. Exotic plants are ideal, as are lilies, gladioli and lily-flowered tulips.”

Interiors and gardens: “The flowers can be paired with railings, concrete or burnt wood.” — AFP-Relaxnews