George Town Festival opens with the tunes of Asean

GEORGE TOWN, July 29 ― This year's annual George Town Festival (GTF) opened here tonight with a chorus of beautiful songs and music from all around South-east Asia. The Penang Philharmonic...

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Mongolians’ best friend: Saving herder dogs on the steppes

ULAN BATOR, July 28 ― The large stray with a lion-like mane and fur curled into dreadlocks looked no different from the mangy mutts roaming Mongolia’s capital when his future owner found...

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Where is my name? Afghan women fight for their own identity

LONDON, July 28 ― In Afghanistan’s patriarchal society, a woman’s name should not be revealed, even on her grave. “Mr X’s” mother, daughter or sister, the headstone might read,...

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Cuba’s ration book: Symbol of equality, but huge burden on state

CAYO GRANMA (Cuba), July 28 — From one end of the island to the other, every Cuban can be sure of one thing: their ration book, or “libreta,” will put at least the basics on their table...

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A lack of sleep could add centimetres to your waistline, study finds

PARIS, July 28 ― A new study, published in Plos One, highlights the link between lack of sleep and weight gain. This time, insufficient sleep has been linked to larger waistlines, up to three...

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