Artist’s dream of unity alive in Russian ‘Universal Temple’

KAZAN (Russia), June 26 — Christian crosses and Islamic crescent moons jut into the sky from the multicoloured roof of the “Universal Temple” in the provincial Russian city of...

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Walt Disney’s Disneyland presentation map fetches US$708,000 at auction

LOS ANGELES, June 26 — Walt Disney’s “presentation map,” which the late animation entrepreneur drew in the 1950s to attract investors to the idea for his legendary theme park...

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China’s hydropower frenzy drowns sacred mountains

YAJIANG (China), June 26 — Towering walls of concrete entomb lush forests on mountainsides in southwest China as workers toil on the dry riverbed below to build the country’s latest...

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Great Barrier Reef a US$42b asset ‘too big to fail’

SYDNEY, June 26 — Australia’s under-pressure Great Barrier Reef is an asset worth A$56 billion (RM182 billion) and as an ecosystem and economic driver is “too big to fail”, a study said...

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Large turnouts at US Pride parades for LGBT community (VIDEO)

CHICAGO, June 26 — Large crowds turned out for Pride marches yesterday in Chicago, Minneapolis, San Francisco and Seattle to celebrate the country's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender...

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