You can now customise your Starbucks espresso order with a lighter roast

Starbucks Blonde Espresso caters to more sensitive palates.― AFP picStarbucks Blonde Espresso caters to more sensitive palates.― AFP picNEW YORK, Jan 10 ― Starbucks has earned a loyal fan base in large part to the strength and robustness of their coffee repertoire. But to cater to more sensitive palates, for whom Starbucks drinks can be more like jet fuel, the company is adding a new lighter roast “blonde espresso” to their permanent menu ― the first time a new core espresso option has been introduced to the US in more than 40 years.

For consumers, that means they can also customise their coffee order, choosing between either the signature Starbucks espresso or Starbucks Blonde in their latte, cappuccino, flat white, macchiato and Americano beverages.

A blend of beans from Latin America and East Africa, Starbucks Blonde is described as a lighter, subtly sweet espresso with citrus notes and smooth body.

The blonde espresso was made available in Canada last year, and is the latest addition to Starbucks portfolio of lighter roast coffees that includes whole bean and brewed coffees, which launched in 2012. ― AFP-Relaxnews