New collagen-infused gin launched as a drinkable facial

Collagin is made with gin, botanical ingredients, and pure collagen. — Young in Spirit handout via AFP-RelaxnewsCollagin is made with gin, botanical ingredients, and pure collagen. — Young in Spirit handout via AFP-RelaxnewsLONDON, March 18 — Makers of a new anti-aging gin made with collagen call it the beauty junkie’s “skin and tonic.” 

“Collagin” is the latest anti-aging booze to hit the market and target a very specific demographic: The gin-drinking beauty junkie. 

The beauty drink, created out of the UK, is made with anti-aging botanicals such as star anise, pink grapefruit and orris root, and is infused with pure collagen. 

The pitch? That ingesting collagen is more effective at stimulating the drinker’s own collagen production than topical applications or pills. 

Collagen is a skin-plumping protein produced naturally in the body and is known for keeping skin strong, elastic and resilient.  

Production of the protein begins to drop after the age of 20.  

Around this time last year, British food and drinks innovation company Bompas & Parr also launched a collagen-infused gin for Warner Leisure Hotels, which they called Anti-aGin. 

Made with botanicals like chamomile, tea tree, witch-hazel and gotu kola — also known as the longevity herb — the ingredient deck could double for that of a skin care product were it not for the appearance of juniper, coriander and angelica root. 

Likewise, a drinkable facial named Anti Everything also launched last year. Developed by a biotechnologist, the beauty elixir is made with vodka, sea buckthorn berries, and caviar collagen, which is said to help restore skin’s firmness, elasticity and reduce the look of fine lines. 

Sea buckthorn berries are also heavy on the anti-oxidant vitamin C, and contain high amounts of vitamin E, lutein and fatty acids. 

A 500 ml bottle of Collagin retails for £34.99 (US$43, RM192.50) and is available for pre-order. — AFP-Relaxnews