Fancy a vegan poke bowl? Head on over to Wholey Wonder

Vegan restaurant Wholey Wonder turns one in November with a new menu. — Pictures by  KE Ooi Vegan restaurant Wholey Wonder turns one in November with a new menu. — Pictures by KE Ooi GEORGE TOWN, Nov 13 — Poke bowls are the latest food craze to hit Penang and now popular vegan restaurant Wholey Wonder has introduced its very own plant-based version.

They also rolled out their new menu to include high-demand items such as gluten-free pasta and brown rice as they celebrate their first anniversary in November.

This includes new desserts like chocolate cake and parfaits.

The Ultimate Hippie, which is also known as Nourish Bowl, was introduced a few months back as a special item but is now a permanent feature on the new menu.

It's a clever combination of high protein and nutritious ingredients with edamame, pumpkin and sunflower seeds giving it a nice crunch.

The nutty quinoa, as a replacement for rice, goes perfectly with the creamy rich avocado slices and kimchi adds spice to the whole dish.

This bowl of goodness is topped with a light refreshing vinaigrette dressing for just the right balance of flavours.

Perhaps one of the most in-demand items is rice so Wholey Wonder’s co-founder and main chef Tammy Ting Ting decided to come up with their own version of poke bowl.

The Hawaiian dish is usually topped with fresh fish slices which this plant-based poke bowl has in the form of “fish” slices made from Konjac jelly.

Instead of plain white rice, the poke bowl is a mix of short grain brown rice and black wild rice. The rice is topped with spiralised zucchini, carrot and shredded purple cabbage and drizzled with a spicy teriyaki dressing. Thick slices of grilled pineapple add just the right tropical twist to the dish.

Another item that is often requested is pasta so they introduced the Alfredo pasta dish, Cauli-Fredo Zoodles, with a choice of either zucchini noodles or gluten-free vegetable penne.

The Wholey Wonder poke bowl. The Wholey Wonder poke bowl. This "pasta" dish uses a healthy non-dairy sauce made from cauliflower and almond milk and is served with asparagus, button mushrooms and sprinkled with tofu bacon.

If you think salads are just a bowl of boring mixed vegetables, think again because the Mad Salad at Wholey Wonder is a medley of protein-packed tempeh, edamame, black wild rice, capsicum, roasted tomatoes and greens.

Diced mangoes, toasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds and just a dash of orange mango maple vinaigrette bring the whole thing together.

Instead of only heavy meals, the new menu now has a hummus platter of hummus dips with vegetable sticks for some light snacking or to share as starters.

New items on the menu: Caul-Fredo Penne (top) and Mad Salad.New items on the menu: Caul-Fredo Penne (top) and Mad Salad.A new smoothie has also been added to the menu; the Dragon Bowl, which is a blend of red dragon fruit, passion fruit, mango, coconut flesh and coconut water topped with mango, granola and chia seeds.

The Chocolate Chia Parfait is the perfect dessert to end your meal as it is a rich chia pudding layered with chocolate sauce, caramelised pecans and walnuts, cacao nibs and topped with Snickers Bites.

It is smooth, creamy and though thick, it is not overpowering in its flavours with just the right amount of natural sweetness and chocolate flavours.

The new menu items along with the old favourites are now available for lunch and dinner.

Wholey Wonder main chef Tammy Ting Ting introduced new items for the vegan restaurant.Wholey Wonder main chef Tammy Ting Ting introduced new items for the vegan restaurant.Wholey Wonder

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