Mister Potato debuts Malaysia’s first Purple Sweet Potato Crisps

KUALA LUMPUR, July 28 ― Hearing that familiar pop when you open up a can of potato chips will certainly excite even the most food conscious amongst us, who will be glad to know that there’s...

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What you’re doing wrong when you eat a bowl of ramen

NEW YORK, July 28 ― For fans, ramen is a thing of beauty, taut noodles in a steaming rich broth, ready for instant consumption. Yet devouring a bowl of ramen can be... daunting. Few foods...

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After-hours drinking hole a haven for Tower of London’s Beefeaters (VIDEO)

LONDON, July 27 ― After the hordes of tourists with their cameras and selfie sticks depart from the Tower of London every evening, a private drinking hole for Beefeaters comes to life within...

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Coca-Cola unveils revamped diet cola

NEW YORK, July 27 ― Coca-Cola announced plans yesterday to launch a revamped “Coke Zero” in the United States as it expands offerings of low-sugar and non-carbonated beverages amid...

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Dom Perignon releases second ‘Plenitude’ of its 2000 vintage champagne

PARIS, July 27 ― The famous champagne brand has revealed a new take on its 2000 vintage, first released in 2008. Dom Perignon P2 2000 is a new release of the 2000 vintage that has been 17...

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