Paul Bocuse: legendary chef of chefs

PARIS, Jan 20 — Paul Bocuse, who died today aged 91, combined a passion for food and women with a nose for self-publicity that brought him fame and fortune far beyond his native...

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‘Nouvelle cuisine’ pioneer Bocuse dies at 91

PARIS, Jan 20 — Paul Bocuse, one of France’s most celebrated chefs, has died at the age of 91, the interior minister said today. Bocuse was an early exponent of “nouvelle cuisine”,...

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Average British dinner lasts 21 minutes, says survey

LONDON, Jan 20 — The average British dinner lasts just 21 minutes, according to a survey published today which found increasingly busy schedules a barrier to eating together. A total of 55...

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Famed biscuit shop in Ipoh turns 100

IPOH, Jan 20 ― Every family has their own set of traditions, and the Sitt family is no different. The pride of their family lies in the Guan Heong biscuit shop, which celebrates its 100th...

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British biscuit lovers hit by Brexit squeeze

LONDON, Jan 20 — A much-loved British biscuit has fallen victim to the Brexit-linked slump in the pound, as McVitie’s Digestives yesterday said their packets will shrink. Packets of the...

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