Trump and California set for clash in car emissions (VIDEO)

SAN FRANCISCO, March 17 — California plans to keep on truckin' with tougher car pollution rules approved by former President Barack Obama's administration.

That plan includes stricter tailpipe emissions targets and a mandate for zero-emissions cars.

The news comes a day after US President Donald Trump asked the Environmental Protection Agency to review and — possibly — dial back car fuel efficiency standards.

Screen grab from the Reuters video on California going for clean air standards.Screen grab from the Reuters video on California going for clean air standards.The clash between California and Trump could lead to the creation of several different set of standards in the country, bumping up costs for car makers and creating headaches for consumers.

Autotrader's senior analyst Michelle Krebs days: “California is gonna have clean car standards. they made that clear. They are not going to change their standards. The Trump administration, supposedly, is all about states' rights, and so California is exhorting its rights to make those decisions.”

Last year, US and California regulators published a review that said stricter pollution controls will add about US$1,000 (RM4,442) to the cost of each car sold in 2025. But they said that cost will be offset by lower fuel costs and cleaner air. Automakers said they did not get enough time to review the study. — Reuters