Singapore’s first electric supercar Vanda Dendrobium gets official Asia dealer

VinCar, one of Singapore’s biggest parallel importers, will be the official dealer of the Vanda Dendrobium for Asia. — TODAY picVinCar, one of Singapore’s biggest parallel importers, will be the official dealer of the Vanda Dendrobium for Asia. — TODAY picSINGAPORE, Sept 14 — After wowing the crowds at the Geneva Motor Show and Top Marques in Monaco, the stunning Vanda Dendrobium touches down on home soil where it was conceived and designed.

We’re not talking about orchids. We’re talking about the stunning electric supercar that is the brainchild of Singapore-based Vanda Electrics.

The car was unveiled in Singapore this week, with Vanda Electric’s CEO Larissa Tan announcing that VinCar, one of Singapore’s biggest parallel importers, would be the official dealer for Asia.

Named after a species of orchids native to the Republic, the Dendrobium resembles its namesake blooming when its rear-hinged doors and roof panel opens synchronously. This is also said to be a world-first innovation.

The move towards electrified motoring has given start-ups such as Vanda Electrics an opportunity to join a new world of carmakers that include the likes of say, Tesla, or even Rimac, another supercar company based in Croatia.

“This is a test of the automotive industry,” said Vanda Electric’s Tan. “We want to show the world what Singapore is capable of.”

Although the Dendrobium was conceptualised in Singapore, Williams Advanced Engineering, a division of the Williams F1 Team, did the technical and engineering development for the vehicle.

With experience gained from pioneering the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) used in Formula One cars, as well as being the sole battery supplier for the Formula E electric car racing series, Williams Advanced Engineering developed a supercar that is capable of reaching over 320kmh and accelerating from rest to 100kmh in around 2.8 seconds.

But keep your wallets in your pockets — and make sure they’re deep pockets — for the moment. The Dendrobium is only set to go on sale by 2020, and is expected to anywhere between “€2 to 3 million” (RM9.98 to 14.9 million), depending on the production run.

According the VinCar, that figure could drop to as low as €1.5 million if production exceeds 100 units. — TODAY