Thor Trucks wants to throw down an electric hammer on Tesla (VIDEO)

LOS ANGELES, Dec 17 — Start-up Thor wants to beat Tesla to the market with electric semi-trucks. Thor’s custom models are due in 2019 and meant for short hauls. — Bloomberg

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Faring badly: Uber struggles to make inroads in Japan

TOKYO, Dec 17 — Uber may be shredding business models for taxi firms the world over but it is struggling to make inroads in Japan, where risk-averse passengers prefer to stick to their...

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Saint Laurent Vespa on show in Paris concept store Colette

PARIS, Dec 17 — A Vespa Primavera 125 scooter revisited by fashion house Yves Saint Laurent can currently be admired on the first floor of the Colette concept store in Paris. It’s on show...

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Renault can now build 6,000 Alpine models per year

BOULOGNE, Dec 17 — Enthusiasts have long dreamed of the day when the Alpine sports car brand is revived, and that dream is now becoming a reality. Alpine’s parent company, Renault, has...

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Unique pre-production Aston Martin DB4 goes up for sale

LONDON, Dec 16 — There seems to be a bit of a thing going on at the moment for classic Aston Martins being put up for sale. Just over a week ago, a DB5 previously owned by Paul McCartney was...

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