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Sabah at ‘permanent’ risk of Philippine conflict spillover, deputy minister warns

By Julia Chan

March 2, 2015

KUDAT, March 2 — Philippines’ southern conflict puts Sabah’s east coast under “permanent” threat from armed insurgents, deputy Defence Minister Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri admitted today, but added... Read more

NYT Video: When illness intrudes on romance
A debilitating bout of Lyme disease threatened to derail Elisabeth C. Hall’s budding relationship with Matthew Danzig. But Danzig was undeterred because he had already fallen in love. — New York Times Read More



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Say what you feel in awkward situations — the SNL way
“Saturday Night Live” has hilariously reintroduced the uplifting song in this sketch in which they have people say what they really want to say in awkward social situations. Don’t you hate when you’re in the public bathroom and someone is taking their time by the mirror? Tell them to get out! Comedy gold! Read More




AFP Video: Big dreams for Crimean oysters
Sergei Kulik runs the only oyster and mussel farm in Crimea, which Russian soldiers took over a year ago from Ukraine. The takeover unleashed Western sanctions and hard times for many, but for Kulik and his oysters the upheaval could mean gold. — AFP Read More

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Reuters Video: Samsung unveils sleek new Galaxy phones
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd unveils its latest Galaxy S smartphones featuring a slim body made from aircraft-grade metal, in a bid to reclaim its throne as undisputed global smartphone leader from Apple. — Reuters Read More